Destination India

India is one of the oldest civilization in the world
Now a growing economy and largest democracy
India is a vast country from North to south
East to west
In the North we have the mighty Himalayas which offer scenic beauty, high altitude mountains, unique Himalayan culture
Down in the south is a huge coastal line from Gujrat in west and Benagal in east. South is famous for its spectacular temples and ravadian culture
with centuries old Ayurveda and market for the best spices in the world
The west has the economic capital of Mumbai , the wondeful culture of Gujrat where we have beautiful temples, the textile industry and the only Asiatic loin at Gir
In the east are the seven sisters , the only wildlife of Kazirangha . The tea gardens of Darjeeling , the budhist culture of sikkim
In the central India we have a huge line of wild life for tigers and other precious animals. The only kamasutra temple at Khajuraho. The ancient city of Varanasi
The birth places of Budha , the towns where Budha has walked and got the enlightened
In the short India is country where we have to offer everything
Come for te mighty Himalayas, come for Budha , come for ayurveda , come for trekking and biking , come for wild life , come for ancient history
The medical tourism where we offer world class hospitals and world class treatment at very reasonable cost
Above all come for peace of mind , meditation & yoga

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